Meet Some of Dominique’s Friends

You never know what or who you will see and meet if you really look around you! Simple tasks like trimming bushes with Daryle and Barney led to meeting Marvin! We met this summer, and over the months when I least expect to see him, he shows up! See if you can find him in the pictures. He changes colors from looking like a blade of grass to a brown twig. Marvin is a great help eating the bad insects like stink bugs around the farm!

Daryle, Barney and I were trimming weeds when we met a praying mantis named Marvin! He is in every picture. Can you find him? He changes color to either look like a twig or a blade of grass for protection – like when he saw Barney!

One evening there was Marvin on the window sill and later that night on the screen door. Always take time to notice the small things!

Can you find Marvin? He is under the chair! Dominique was excited. In the end, he went into the house to see Marvin on the screen!

As I was cleaning Dominique’s stall one morning, I was not alone. Marvin was there! Dominique was eating grass while Daryle was watching and waiting to help me stack wood. By the time Dominique returned to his stall, Marvin was gone!

Can you find the video where he washed his face? The last video is when he stopped by to say that he would be moving on. I hope you enjoyed Marvin’s adventures. Keep looking because you never know what you will see!