A Job Well Done!

On October 19th Dominique traveled to Wilmington, DE to spend time with the folks staying at the Ronald McDonald House. After Dominique’s visit with the children, he enjoyed a moonlight graze in his corral under the watchful eyes of Daryle and Barney!

The Farrier Comes To Visit!

Daryle watches as farrier JR Myers trims Dominique's hoofs with a rasp (file) and knife! Trimming hooves is an art and should only be done by farriers who balance the hooves and look for any problems. This should be done every 4-8 weeks depending on the horse. Dominique's hoof trimming is similar to you getting your nails clipped. The last picture gives you an idea of just how small his hooves are!


Dominique Gets a Wading Pool!

Dominique Sees the Dentist!

Horses get baby teeth just like us, lose them and then grow their adult teeth. The only difference is that adult horse teeth keep on growing! Oral care is very important to keep them healthy. These adult teeth need to be floated (filed down) and checked once a year to keep the angle good for eating. Also, bad teeth are pulled if necessary. Dominique recently had his first visit from Lars Curley, our horse dentist! He is the best dentist and all of our horses like him because he is kind and understands them, especially if they are scared.

Lars shows Dominique the tool he will use for his teeth.


Dominique’s Friends

You never know what or who you will see and meet if you really look around you! Simple tasks like trimming bushes with Daryle and Barney led to meeting Marvin! We met this summer, and over the months when I least expect to see him, he shows up! See if you can find him in the pictures. He changes colors from looking like a blade of grass to a brown twig. Marvin is a great help eating the bad insects like stink bugs around the farm!
Daryle, Barney and I were trimming weeds when we met a praying mantis named Marvin! He is in every picture. Can you find him? He changes color to either look like a twig or a blade of grass for protection - like when he saw Barney!
One evening there was Marvin on the window sill and later that night on the screen door. Always take time to notice the small things!
Can you find Marvin? He is under the chair! Dominique was excited. In the end, he went into the house to see Marvin on the screen!
As I was cleaning Dominique's stall one morning, I was not alone. Marvin was there! Dominique was eating grass while Daryle was watching and waiting to help me stack wood. By the time Dominique returned to his stall, Marvin was gone!
Can you find the video where he washed his face? The last video is when he stopped by to say that he would be moving on. I hope you enjoyed Marvin's adventures. Keep looking because you never know what you will see!

Covid-19 has prevented Dominique from going to hospitals for now but has not stopped him from bringing smiles to voters and sharing with you adventures around his farm to bring smiles.

Dominique After a Few Days Of Rain

Dominique Learns To Play Piano

Dominique gets a new winter blanket!


Dominique gets groomed!

Sunsets Are Everyone's Gift At The End Of The Day!


Dominique often walks out to the mailbox with me. He loves to get mail!


Dominique, Sandy and our visitors would love to hear from you! Please let Dominique know if you enjoyed his visit and we’ll post it here. If your letters are personal and you do not want them on the website, just state that. We will never include your address or phone number! Also state how you want your name to show. Thank you!
Dominique recently visited students at Spring Forge Intermediate School and was delighted to receive several thank you letters. He read every one of them!!

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