Emergency: Dominique Goes to the Hospital!

Dominique had a bellyache. It’s called colic. He was in a lot of pain. He even had a temperature. His regular doctor had visited him earlier in the day to treat him. She performed a scan and found three sections in his small intestine were blocked.  He was treated and we hoped that would make him feel better. His doctor placed a call to New Bolton Center — one of the finest large animal hospitals in the world — and notified them that Dominique might be coming later that evening. Meanwhile, the horse trailer was hooked up so it was ready for the hour-and-a-half trip if it was suddenly needed.

There are many causes and types of colic and all should be taken seriously. Horses have long intestines, they cannot vomit and when something in the stomach hurts, they roll around on the ground. This in itself can cause problems, such as the intestines flipping, twisting and cutting off the blood supply.

That afternoon Dominique seemed a little better but by the middle of the evening he was shaking and in pain. Time to go! I called his vet and told her we were on the way to New Bolton Center.

Daryle was worried. He knew Dominique was not well. Dominique had never been sick before.

A little after 11 pm Dominique arrived and Dr. Alicia Long and her staff were there to welcome him. He was scanned, blood was drawn for tests, and he was given fluids along with a very thorough checkup. By the time I left for the farm, he was in his stall in the Critical Care Center and would be closely monitored throughout the night.

The call came the following morning. Dominique would need surgery to remove his impaction. Hopefully that would solve the problem.

Here is Dominique waiting for surgery.
Dominique with IV waiting for his surgery.
Dominique in his stall a few days after surgery.

The surgery was a success! His intestine was healthy and nothing had to be removed other than his blockage. Impactions are caused by many events. This seemed to be hay and perhaps he didn’t drink enough water even though he always has fresh clean water. It happened quickly and, fortunately, it was caught in time.

Dominique in his stall a few days after surgery. He is on intravenous fluids and has a belly band covering his surgical incision to keep it clean.

Everyone in the Critical Care Center came by to check on him and give him a few pats. He was very popular! He was at New Bolton Center and stayed in the Critical Care Center for one week until he was eating his usual serving of Timothy hay.

He was now able to go on quiet walks to the mailbox three times a day. He also visited his friends.  Snuck On You and First Twilight were glad to see their little buddy.

After his stall rest for a week, he was able to go in his paddock under the watchful eyes of Daryle and Barney!  Of course, walks are always needed, along with visits to his big friends. He will not be ready until  August to begin his exercises pulling his little cart. Dominique looks forward to bringing love and smiles to everyone on his visits again.

Now Dominique can tell the children he visits, that he too, was in the hospital!

Dominique wants to thank everyone for the good care he received, including his doctor at the farm and all of the doctors and staff at New Bolton Center.