A Visit With Vivian

Dear Dominique Smiles,
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience with Dominique. My daughter has never seen a horse but absolutely loved brushing and petting him. The interaction seemed to relax her. Dominique is so gentle that she had no fear of riding him. It was truly a way for her to escape all the fear and pain of her cancer for a few hours. After meeting Dominique, she is now asking for riding lessons!
Thank you again,
Vivian’s Mommy

Dominique visits with Vivian and her sister
Dominique visits with Vivian
Dominique visits with Vivian

Note From Sandy: It is rare I give a child a ride on Dominique. He cannot carry much weight. Vivian is 3 1/2 years old and cancer has been a part of her little life for most of those years. Of course her big sister also received a plush Dominique!