Welcome To Dominique's Smiles

Dominique's Smiles is our mission to bring smiles and love into everyone's life. We visit private homes, nursing facilities, hospitals, schools, and wherever else I'm needed to bring hope and sunshine into children and adults' lives through an exceptional mini horse named Dominique.

Dominique is here for children that are sick and people in nursing homes. Dominique is free and available contact us today.


    Get one for yourself and donate one to a child with a life-threatening illness.

    Every child you know will want one of these adorable plush mini horses. Modeled after our very own Dominique, they even include his therapy vest. Each cuddly, soft mini horse is 9 inches high and 12 inches long. As a thank you for your minimum donation of $60 to help with Dominique’s expenses, we'll send you one of these adorable little horses. In addition, a mini horse will also be delivered to a child on one of Dominique’s visits. Simply make a $60 minimum donation, add a short personal note, and bring a smile to a special child. It will make a tangible reminder of Dominique’s visit and the smiles he brings!

    Dominique and his handler receive no fees for their service but we do have to cover costs such as food, bedding, vet bills and traveling expenses. Your generous donation will allow Dominique to continue bringing smiles to everyone.
    Dominique thanks you for helping him bring smiles to everyone!
    Dominique gives his approval to the plush mini horses


    Sandy Smith is the founder of Dominique’s Smiles and the proud owner of Dominique the mini therapy horse. Sandy has been a horsewoman most of her life teaching students of all ages along with training and showing horses. She started an Easter Seal and Girl Scout riding program in York County.

    Sandy steeplechased as an owner, trainer and jockey and is a licensed racehorse trainer. She understands the pure joy a horse can bring to someone who is lonely, troubled, sick and hurting.


    I started Dominique’s Smiles because a child once asked me if I would bring a horse to the hospital for a visit. I simply did not have a small suitable horse for that wish or one that would even fit through the door! I promised that child I would train a miniature horse to take around to hospitals for children with cancer and other life threatening health problems. I had to keep that promise.

    Dominique’s Smiles is my fulfillment of that promise. It is our mission to bring smiles and love into everyone’s life. By visiting private homes, nursing facilities, hospitals, schools and wherever needed we hope to bring some sunshine into the lives of both children and adults.

    Dominique is five years old and 33” high. His size makes it easy for him to fit in between beds and get around equipment. His gentleness softens hearts as he brings smiles with love to all. This little horse loves people and seems to instinctively know he needs to be patient, sensitive and calm around the people we visit.

    Dominique is a Certified Level 1 Mini Therapy Horse and I am a Certified Master Handler by Seven Oaks Farm in Ohio. After much investigation, I have found this to be the most complete course.

    Dominique’s Smiles is a non-profit organization and all services are free of charge. Donations to help off set Dominique’s care and gas are gratefully accepted!.